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John McElroy
John McElroy
Tumbleweed Territory Real Estate, LLC

Properties of John McElroy with Tumbleweed Territory Real Estate, LLC in Snyder, OK

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$144,400 152 acres
Vinson, Oklahoma 73571 - Harmon County

Harmon Grasslands

If you're looking for a well-fenced native grass pasture, with a side dish of great hunting, you need to take a look at this property. It's 152 acres (m/l) of lush grass and boasts three good ponds - one is spring-fed and never ran dry during the recent drought. There is good 5-strand barbed wire around all but a 1/4 mile of the perimeter. Sitting on top of a hill and sloping gently to the south, there is a terrific view. Two seasonal creeks give good cover for the whitetails that frequent the property, and trees and shrubs do the same for the covey of quail I recently jumped. Wild turkeys have also been sighted in the neighborhood. There is a good barn, 50 x 50, as well as a 20 x 10 storage shed. In the northwest corner, you can see
John McElroy Tumbleweed Territory Real Estate, LLC
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$497,500 240 acres 3 Beds | 2 Baths | 2 sqft
Tipton, Oklahoma 73570 - Tillman County

Hunter's Bonanza Ranch

Rarely do I see a hunting property as good as this one, especially in regard to turkey and whitetail. While taking pictures, I jumped one mature buck (10 or 12 point), one large doe, and one 2016 fawn. I was only there for about 25 minutes, and I certainly did not canvass the entire property! Folks, we are talking creek frontage (often running), heavy cover, electrical power, water well, elevation variance, high fence on the west side, super nice and super large Solitaire double wide of about 2,200 sq. ft. m/l, 55 acres for food plots or income or both, garage/carport hybrid, storage building, plum thickets, and room for 5 or 6 hunters (if they plan their direction of fire). All this is only about three miles from a highway and five mil
John McElroy Tumbleweed Territory Real Estate, LLC
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$200,000 160 acres
Cooperton, Oklahoma 73564 - Kiowa County

160 acres Cooperton, OK

Here is a good solid combination crop and livestock farm that is fenced. Also, it is on a very good paved road. There are a few terraces, but they appear to be in good shape. The cultivated land can be used for wheat, grain sorghum, forage sorghum, and probably even cotton once in a while. As most of you know, canola and sesame are also now grown in the area, and this tract could be used for those crops, too. That said, livestock in combination with winter small grains pasture and grass is one of the most natural combinations of enterprises that fit our climate and resources, and this place fits that sort of use. Winter protein is derived from small grains to meet the requirements of a winter ration which includes standing grass on
John McElroy Tumbleweed Territory Real Estate, LLC
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$114,000 120 acres
Mangum, Oklahoma 73554 - Greer County

Russell Hunting Property

Hunters, if you're thinking about bagging deer and wild turkeys this fall, you need to look into this property before your neighbor does. It's 120 acres (+/-) of grass, forbs, and mesquite. The mesquite appears to have been sprayed in the not too distant past, as they are primarily small, but still provide good cover for quail and other critters. There's a good-sized pond on the east side near the road. The nice changes of elevation and a combination of open meadows and heavy cover make for great sight lines. There's an electricity meter on the property. Check out the map and go take a look, or give us a shout. We'll be happy to show you around.
John McElroy Tumbleweed Territory Real Estate, LLC
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$180,000 156 acres
Manitou, Oklahoma 73555 - Tillman County

Tillman 160

This is a property with mostly new 6 wire fences. There are two good deep ponds on the place fenced in such a way as to keep the cattle mostly out of the water while still having reasonable and reliable access to drink. The land has three traps, so one may graze rotationally. There is also a corral like area to lot, sort, and load cattle. The grass is mostly Bermuda in the formerly cultivated portion and native elsewhere. On most of this place one can see the stock easily and drive to any given spot. One or two of the traps could benefit from spraying the moderate size to young mesquite. The Bermuda might warrant spraying for weeds while also applying a moderate amount of nitrogen fertilizer. With the great fences and great water,
John McElroy Tumbleweed Territory Real Estate, LLC
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$279,500 80 acres
Gracemont, Oklahoma 73042 - Caddo County

Grand Champion Ranch

Grand Champion Ranch Well, for starters, all the improvements (except for part of the parameter fence) are new or nearly new including the $125,000.00 custom built Clayton manufactured home with LOG PLANK SIDING! TWO NEW WATER WELLS. NEW GREENHOUSE. NEW TWO STORY STORAGE BUILDING. NEW HUNTING STAND! Man, this place is really nice. Few places are both peaceful and beautiful. No traffic. No noise. Deer everywhere. The quail have made a remarkable comeback. Turkey in spades. Rabbit factory. Grass, hills, trees, shade. To be honest the only thing it does not have is a year round water feature. (There is a pond, but it is a pretty sandy area so it dries up pretty fast, but a liner could maybe be used to fix it.) If you want horses or cattl
John McElroy Tumbleweed Territory Real Estate, LLC
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$310,000 160 acres
Cooperton, Oklahoma 73564 - Kiowa County

Blue Ribbon Farm

I gotta tell ya what. This is probably the best or second best quarter section that I have ever had the opportunity to sellever. Look at the soils map. Almost all Class I land! Also, almost 100% cultivated. Yes, there is a little pasture in the southwest corner, but some would even clear it and farm it too. This farm will grow anything adapted to the area. Nearly level and with deep soils, this is Kiowa County at its upland best. I am 68 years old. I have farmed, and I have observed others. I have come to this conclusion: The best land is really usually the best buy in the long run. You hardly ever miss crops. You do not have irregular shaped fields that are more costly to operate. You do not waste seed or fertilizer or chemicals. You do
John McElroy Tumbleweed Territory Real Estate, LLC
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$440,000 320 acres
Cooperton, Oklahoma 73564 - Kiowa County

My Way Ranch

My Way Ranch Okay, I know you are buying the property, but doesnt it help if views from the property count? (They do in Colorado!) Situated in farmed and productive Cooperton Valley, My Way Ranch offers a great combination of cropland (about 70% of the 320 acres offered) and grassland that includes hunting potential. On the grass portion, there are two ponds (one of them sizable) with a waterfowl wildlife potential that the water should manifest besides what the ponds mean for domestic livestock, of course. Much of the cultivated portion is nearly level, and I would not be opposed to grain sorghum, cotton, or even alfalfa on the better land. Of course, wheat, forage sorghum, canola, and sesame are all possibilities, too. This is good lan
John McElroy Tumbleweed Territory Real Estate, LLC
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$150,000 157 acres
Duke, Oklahoma 73532 - Jackson County

High Ridge Ranch

Located adjacent to little used Highway 34 and near Eldorado, Oklahoma, this property is a sportsmans dream come true. On two adjoining properties, the farmers grow winter wheat, so the food plots are already furnished (at the expense of the neighbors). There is ample cover, mostly mesquite, and outstanding elevation variance. The location of the hunting blind offers an outstanding view across a wide area to observe whitetail deer on the property as well as to monitor the strategically placed corn feeder. There is a new 30 x 50 steel building and new electrical service to the camp site and building. The building offers lots of possibilities for uses. The concrete floor is throughout the building. Also included is the travel trailer you w
John McElroy Tumbleweed Territory Real Estate, LLC
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$105,400 124 acres
Eldorado, Oklahoma 73537 - Jackson County

Coulda Woulda Shoulda Ranch

Now here is a place that should work for wheat and/or wheat pasture. Also, one corner is mesquite pasture. Therefore, hunting should be in the cards. It is easy to get to and on a paved road. If you are looking to add to your land or even the purchase of your first place, Coulda Woulda Shoulda Ranch might be just the ticket.
John McElroy Tumbleweed Territory Real Estate, LLC
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